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My life looks the same, but I’m not. I’ve changed.

What I’d like to see in season 3 (Major Crimes)

  • Rank change. Captain to Commander Sharon Raydor.
  • Sharon’s divorce. It’s time to get her life back by being free from her husband Jack’s money problems and other stuff. Time for closure as they say. For both of them.
  • Sharon’s children. Maybe a visit from son Ricky or phone call from her daughter and find out her name.
  • Rusty’s life changes. He needs a friend who “gets” him and “reconciliation” with his biological mother. And of course never ending support from Sharon, the person he loves and likes to live with.
  • Sharon and Andy’s friendship. Spending time together. Dinner?  Movie night with Rusty at her apartment?
  • D.D.A. Hobbs and D.D.A. Rios.
  • More about Detective Sykes. All we know is that she is a military veteran who served in Afghanistan.
  • Lieutenant Tao’s family. His wife Kathy and son Kevin.
  • More Dr. Morales.
  • More Provenza and Flynn. Those two are hilarious.

"Dad, mom… Am I going to die?"
"Do you know what dying means?"
"I know."
"What does it mean?"
"It means that I won’t live with you anymore. It means I will never see you again."


100 Day Season 3 Countdown - Day 51

Laughing, smiling, being funny, we don’t get to see this side of her much.


Where’s his head, David?
They haven’t found it yet.
Day shift.

Season 7, Episode 20: “Lab Rats”

Happy 43rd Birthday, David Tennant! (April 18th, 1971)