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"I’ll wait…in case you need me." - Andy


Jon Tenney’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Not shirtless but still awesome!!! Now, can Tony Denison please accept this challenge? And the rest of the MC cast?

Years and years ago when I won my first big award for Misery, a Golden Globe. They didn’t have cellphones in those days so I was waiting at the payphone to call my mom. I realised I didn’t have a quarter and so I turned around and said, “Does anybody got a quarter?”. And Robin [Williams] stepped up and said “Here’s a quarter, call your mother.” That sort of just… I never forgot that kindness.

Tony Denison's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


"Holly Molly! Jesus, that’s cold!!!"

Not shirtless, but still awesome. Too bad he didn’t challenge Mary; I hope she does it anyway and/or that Kathe challenges her and some other cast members. 


BSG random spam (aka with rare stuff for the most part) - Season 3 promos (part XIII)



posted by @rshanofsky  on instagram   - lovely :)


posted by @rshanofsky  on instagram   - lovely :)


The moment when the table turns.

Brett Dalton and Ming-Na Wen - Ice Bucket Challenge